Can a Solid Glass Ball Stop a 50cal???

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  • You gotta get Destin on this. Do a collab with Smarter Every Day. He'll figure it out.

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  • So, when you fire a bullet, it becomes LOADED with kinetic energy. So, when the bullet impacts, all the energy is transferred to the impacted object. In this case, a solid glass ball. Here's the funny thing. A sphere, in nature is the strangest 3 dimensional shape. When the bullet impacted, it created shockwaves creating those waves y'all saw. The reason why it cracked on the back is because all the shockwaves gathered at that point making that point have just slightly less energy than the impact point.

    Robert YoungRobert Young6 minuuttia sitten
  • World War II Italians would pull bullets out of the casings and flip them so when fired can go to a metal plate that snipers hide behind for covered during trench warfare flipped bullet heads caused enough Force hitting in a certain way what happens with blunt objects with so much force causes it to chip from the other side was against the Geneva convention technically armor piercing at the time

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  • It's because of negative g forces and whiplash

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  • Bruh demo ranch be getting gray

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  • Wait why can’t the camera just move back in the beginning?

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  • if this had cold war physics it wouldn’t even put a hole in it

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  • this in cold war is the worst gun of all time

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  • Hey speaking as a glass blower, the reason why you kept sneezing was because the impact of the bullet to the glass caused a almost microscopic glass dust cloud that you were breathing in and it was causing your airways irritation. Long term exposure to breathing particles like that can cause conditions like silicosis.

    Hugh PeltierHugh Peltier45 minuuttia sitten
  • my dad has the same 9mmn

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  • Yeah you really should have been wearing a full face respirator for this whole video. Breathing in glass dust isn't a joke and can lead to silicosis

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  • My man got old, what happened?

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  • i think the shock waves go through and just shoot out a peice out on the other end.

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  • The new video he posted id age restrictions see d lmfao im 17 like wtf

  • The physical force from the impact is spreading around the ball from the outside and where the force hits on the back creates another set of cracks due to the vibrations hitting each other on the opposite side

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  • at 8 min mark Just a question: does it have anything to do with its spherical shape and shock waves travelling on surface as well as through the body of the thing, impacting at one point opposite?

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  • Corona

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  • as to the crack in the back its simple physics the force goes thru the object and hits the serfice of the other side and cracks the inside.

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  • Probably waves or something learning about it in physics right now

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  • Physics

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  • Just fuckin smoked himself in the intro

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  • Bless you

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  • Haha i knew it was from how rediculous!

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  • Says that looks like it would cut me but still touches it lmao🤣😂🤣🤣

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  • Really good throw

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  • I woukld like a 50 can machinghe gun piercing a car.

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  • I subbed cus the intro

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  • Forget the glass ball how about that stand that’s holding the ball 🧐

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  • coney joney ifykyk 44 club

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  • 14:16 OMG

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  • I haven’t been up to date but what happened to vet ranch?

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  • Wondering why you are sneezing everytime you get close to the cloud of very fine glass powder that you previously exploded in the air by shooting a giant sphere made of glass... totally clueless

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  • 2:25 BREAKING NEWS: Matt Officially Condones Ethnic Violence Towards Gypsies!!!

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  • The uninterested jeep intrahepatically wrestle because story connoly blush given a old music. ill-fated, xenophobic link

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  • What knife is he using?

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    • Its cause of the force of the bullet if it hits it can break on the sides or back aswel

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  • i was thinking that whole video smarter every day needs to do a video absolutely

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  • When you look into the ball you can see Australia

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  • Есть русские?

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  • Before i die i wanna shoot a gun at least once. Doubt i would even be able to own one

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  • Put playback speed to 0.25 and go to 12:34 - at least 12;51 Trust me it's worth it 🤣

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  • Can you do a video to see if steel toed boots are bullet proof

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    • They are not.

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  • 14:06 *jesus*

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  • Dude I think you're getting all the glass particulates in your sinuses

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  • Shockwaves

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  • I’m pretty sure it a inside wave that’s not strong but when it hits where the back is it just backs a punch and like cracks. especially when its solid it goes the the middle and there’s not a wave bc it just travels down the middle that’s so when it’s not solid it’s a little inside wave blah blah blah what I said before and when it’s solid in side it just goes through middle. Well that atleast what my peanut brain thinks

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  • What otf knife was that?

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  • tell me why he's pointing a firearm at his own arm in the thumbnail this kind of irresponsibility is absolutely ridiculous

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  • I never understood "falling in love" with a gun based on aesthetics......that is until the Mini-14 showed up in my life, Lord Almighty that is a gorgeous firearm Awooooga! 👀

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  • Its cause of the force of the bullet if it hits it can break on the sides or back aswel

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  • Matt get a 7mm mag.

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  • Are you happy now, FIstart? Here, I've watched the video!! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

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  • cones!!!!!!

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  • 12:29 bless you. 😁

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  • Breathing glass dust is literally asking for health issues, you should've waited few mins for it to calm down before looking at the damage

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  • Kinect energy

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  • Oh, and hey... congratulations on breathing in glass dust. Please wear better PPE when dealing with glass and concrete. Bad things happen to your lungs otherwise. :)

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  • Glass is a liquid. Very slow moving, but it is a liquid. The impact transfers through the ball and concentrates on the opposite side causing it to fracture on the opposite side.

    William WilsonWilliam Wilson4 tuntia sitten
    • No, glass is NOT a liquid. It's an amorphous solid. Look it up.

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  • 16 and a half minutes for a 30 second video? Ya lets go down to the comments and find where it actually occurs. 14:15

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  • The gun he keeps in the boot is the epitome of the american dream.

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  • yeah watching this on acid hurts my brain

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  • If your wondering the answer is no

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  • i recall hearing somewhere that an impact from an asteroid on the moon causes a massive earthquake on the opposite side of the moon from where the impact happened since all the energy converges on that focal point. I don't remember what it's called or where i heard it but it seems to be a similar phenomenon.

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  • Better wear a dust mask, inhaling the glass dust is no joke

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  • Gesundheit!

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  • so it cracks the back and not the center cause the force isn't being transferred through the middle of the spear, but through the surface of the spear. the crack on the opposite side is from the transfer of force traveling along the surface and meeting up at that spot

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  • cool!

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  • The magic science behind it is called Energieerhaltungssatz. (Just Translate it its german)

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  • Will Matt ever learn that fresh shots are hot? Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

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  • That was the coolest introduction I’ve seen ever on FIstart

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  • Try teh M96 Satan

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  • The a energy from the bullet gets dispersed and follows the sphere in all directions and the energy collides in the back of the ball making it crack

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  • I will buy that smooth chunk from the first ball for $75. Hit me up.

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  • DemolitionRanch making Art

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  • the really impressive part about all this is the fact that the stand never got blown away, and with all the guns except the last one the ball never got pushed out of the stand.

    Haptic GamingHaptic Gaming6 tuntia sitten
  • The potentional from the bulltet got trought the ball and released it on the other side (i think)

  • Now sell it online for thousands as "modern art"🤣

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  • Breathing in that glass dust is probably what's irritating your nose.

    Moto NuggetMoto Nugget7 tuntia sitten
  • The force of the bullet travels around the outside equally because it's a sphere. The shockwave travels around in all directions from the point of impact and the shock waves meet at the back of the sphere, colliding and stopping the flow of energy, but that energy just doesn't go away, something has to give so it shatters the surface of the glass.

    Matt HartMatt Hart7 tuntia sitten
  • ~~ The way energy dissipates...Science is amazing...

    Paul BunyanPaul Bunyan7 tuntia sitten
  • You know the little clacky-ball desk ornaments?? Same concept is happening here.

    CamCam7 tuntia sitten
  • I like how he just starts rubbing his hands all over the broken glass, either his hands are made of steel or he is just crazy

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  • Why did I actually think there were two people until they stopped talking

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  • Maybe you getting allergic from inhaling a litteral cloud of glass? 🧐🤣

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  • Bro... you just inhaled glass powder. That is no joke

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  • There's only one Matt. I'm glad you are not part of a right-wing militia. You would be scary dude.

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  • you are sneezing bcs of glass dust in air

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  • totally stupid...waste of materials

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  • my eyes are straining to see the impacts on the big ball.

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  • Why Aggie ring k on left and wedding ring on right?

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  • Newton’s Laws, I think of Newton’s Cradle

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  • 2 times

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  • That big ball just died

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  • Shockwave from the impact reflects from the inner surface just like the light. Since the wave has some length, the reflected part interferes near the surface causing damage to the material. This effect is known as spalling. Interesting fact - German bunker ceilings during WWII had hollow cores filled with sand in order to force this effect before shockwave reached the bunker interior.

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  • Legend says whoever pulls the 50 from the crystal ball stand becomes the new king of demolition ranch.

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  • Its probably got something to do with the glass stress as it hardens after being formed. The force stays around the exterior.

    Paul Bors-KoefoedPaul Bors-Koefoed9 tuntia sitten
  • shockwave of the bullet hitting the ball travels around it to a single point and shatters it

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  • Before I watch this, i wanna state that this is a a horrible idea for many reasons, and this guy should probably be arrested for it

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  • Spalling?

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